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Welcome to the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association

The Regimental Association

The Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association is situated at Worthy Down, near Winchester, home of the Adjutant General's Corps and was established in 1992 to promote a lasting bond of friendship between the serving and retired members of The Adjutant General’s Corps and their dependants.  The Regimental Association preserves the traditions of the AGC and also promotes contact between past and present members of the Corps and the antecedent Corps, in order to foster mutual comradeship and to promote esprit de corps.  It also provides benevolence for its members.

All those personnel who serve or have served in the Adjutant General's Corps are automatically members of the AGC Regimental Association as laid down in the Constitution document. Associate Membership may be granted at the discretion of the Regimental Association Committee to those who have not served in the Corps but have been connected with its work. 

The Work of Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

The Regimental Association is the contact point for past and present members and the following work is carried out by the Association:

Providing benevolence for serving and ex serving members of the Corps and their dependants who are in conditions of genuine need, suffering hardship or distress.

The Association cooperates with other Regimental Associations and other charities and benevolence organisations to ensure that help is provided in the most effective way.

Administering the affairs of the Regimental Association. Producing the AGC Journal, the in-house magazine, for all members to keep in touch with what's happening in the Corps.

Producing the Annual Report and Accounts in accordance with Charity Law.

Maintaining links with ex-serving members.

The Constitution of the Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

The Declaration of Trust for the Adjutant General's Corps was made on 6th April 1992. The Constitution was adopted on 21st January 1994. The Regimental Association became a registered charity on 28th April 1994. A copy of the Constitution of the Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association may be downloaded here: The Constitution.

The Dinner Night will be held on Fri 20 Oct 17 at the AGC Headquarters Officers’ Mess, Worthy Down. Instruction

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